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OK, here’s my take on the Shifter in the AGE system. Most shifters gets +2 to certain tests when were-mode (or shifter mode). This may seem a lot but remember that this is not a permanent feature!  Shifters, sometimes called … Continue reading

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AGE of Eberron plans

I am, like many of us, eagerly anticipating Josh Jarmon’s upcoming Dragon Hack playtest document. Josh’s work is based on Pathfinder, and I had an idea to do a similar mod for 4th edition D&D because I was keen on … Continue reading

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AGE of Conan modification, draft version

Well I’ve finally managed to put this together! I’m publishing it as a “draft, version 0.1” as there are a number of things I want to add (including poisons, alchemy, mass battles, organizations and a bestiary). But I think there’s … Continue reading

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