AGE of Conan modification, draft version

Well I’ve finally managed to put this together! I’m publishing it as a “draft, version 0.1” as there are a number of things I want to add (including poisons, alchemy, mass battles, organizations and a bestiary). But I think there’s enough there now to get some useful feedback. Please note that none of this has been tested yet, so, err, be kind!

Here is the PDF: AGE of Conan – v0.1.

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13 Responses to AGE of Conan modification, draft version

  1. This looks great! Do you want this to go up on the Oracle as is or do you wanna wait till you add some of the other stuff you want?

    • Vaelorn says:

      Thanks! And sure, by all means put it on Dragon Age Oracle – it might be a while until I get v0.2 out! Lately I’ve been spending more time on Dragon Hack/Eberron things (see the posts following this one!)

  2. I will move the file to the Oracle’s Dropbox to not tax your bandwidth. If there’s an update later, just let me know and we’ll replace the file.

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  4. This is fantastic! AGE is perfect for Conan! I look forward to seeing this develop, and playing around with it myself!

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  6. True oni says:

    The only thing you seem to be missing are the monsters. Otherwise this is an awesome mod of DA rpg.

  7. Vaelorn says:

    Monsters are on the “to do” list! In the meantime, as most of Conan’s foes are usually human, you could probably re-skin a number of the adversaries in Set 1 and 2. For example, put them on a horse and a Dalish Raider would make a passable Khitain raider. The Fereldan Brigand would make a good generic bandit etc. You could probably use some of the weirder things like Genlocks and Undead as “things man was not meant to know” etc.

  8. jp says:

    Was any more work done on this project? We are thinking of running a game in this world

  9. Vaelorn says:

    @jp: The next version is in progress! I have a number of updates on poisons, alchemy etc as well as some new specializations. I was going to wait until Set 3 is finally published just in case there are any new and/or useful rules to factor into the conversion.

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