AGE of Eberron plans

I am, like many of us, eagerly anticipating Josh Jarmon’s upcoming Dragon Hack playtest document. Josh’s work is based on Pathfinder, and I had an idea to do a similar mod for 4th edition D&D because I was keen on porting the Eberron setting to Dragon Age. After some thought, I realised that there was no point in re-inventing the wheel – especially as there is more 3.5 edition stuff for Eberron than 4th, and 3.5 is close enough to Pathfinder to make no odds (for my purposes anyway!).

Instead I hope to add to Josh’s work by contributing Eberron specific races, backgrounds classes, talents and specializations. So in the next few posts I plan to issue (as draft, of course) the following:

  • Races: changelings, kalashtar, shifter and warforged. These will have racial talents and a default background.
  • Classes: artificer. This will probably have to wait until I see how Josh has approached magic.
  • Backgrounds: one of the features of Eberron is that nation often matters more than race. So I plan to complement Josh’s more generic fantasy backgrounds (which I believe will be along the lines of city elf, forest elf, city dwarf, mountain dwarf etc) with ones specific to certain countries. You can choose these backgrounds if your race and class meet the general stereotype of the country. For example, Valenar is basically a nation of elven warriors. So if you have an elf fighter you can get ability increases, focuses etc based on the Valenar background. You can certainly play a dwarf Valenar if you want to, but you’d have to choose a more general background instead.
  • Dragonmarks: You know, these look a lot like talents…
  • Psionics: this is certainly a feature of Eberron but I don’t really want to create a parallel magic system. I haven’t decided exactly how to do this, but it will either be similar to the improvised magic system on Dragon Age Oracle, or an extension on Josh’s ideas for a monk’s Ki Pool that you access from a talent.

Anyway, that’s the plan – we’ll see how far I get! First up: shifters…

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3 Responses to AGE of Eberron plans

  1. I think the artificer shouldn’t be a class of it’s own, but a specialization in the AGE system. The d20 system overcompensates the limits in actual gameplay it imposes, by giving the player a big amount of options during character creation and that is why all those classes exist. In the AGE system you should be able to create whatever type of character you want through the 3 basic classes. The only thing you need to play an artificer in a possible AGE of Eberron, should be a couple of spells that will make a mage play like an artificer, an artificer specialization good roleplaying and propably a system for creating magic items. With that said, I’m looking forward to any new material related to the AGE system.

  2. Vaelorn says:

    You are quite correct – I should have been clearer by what I meant by “class”! In Josh’s Dragon Hack rules the idea is that the classic D&D/PF classes are represented by class talents that are overlaid on one of the 3 Dragon Age classes. So there will be an “Artificer Class Talent” that a mage takes in order to become an artificer. These are a bit like specializations that you can take at 1st level. So the talent will give the mage character artificer-like abilities at level 1, 3 and 5.

    The hard part is thinking them up!

  3. Oh ok, I just read the 4e conversion article too and I must say I like the work you guys have been doing. I find this system genius in it’s simplicity and the more material, the better. Keep up the good work!

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