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True20 Character Sheet

I’ve been playing around trying to make a True20 character sheet with enough space for everything. So here’s a first draft PDF – it’s not fillable, but may be useful! True20 Character Sheet Advertisements

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True20: Conan v1.0

Following on from my True20: Eberron conversion comes this new True20 mod: Conan! Although others have done similar mods I thought I’d try writing this in a similar style to the Eberron one. However, the True20 rules cover most of … Continue reading

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True20: Eberron v1.0

When I was putting together the Eberron mod for Green Ronin’s Dragon Age system I came across one of their other systems: True20. Much as I like Dragon Age, it was apparent that it was going to be much easier … Continue reading

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AGE: Eberron v0.1

Well finally here is the first version of my mod for playing in the D&D Eberron setting using the AGE rules. There’s still lots to do, but folks may find this useful – even if they’re not using it in … Continue reading

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Josh Jarman’s Dragon Hack playtest

It looks like the link to the Dragon Hack play test (basically, D&D with AGE rules) on Josh Jarman’s site is down/not working. So I’ll host it here in the meantime… Dragon Hack 2 playtest

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The Power of the Mind – Psionics in AGE

While working through the AGE of Eberron modification (possibly to be renamed as Fourth AGE: Eberron!) I ran into the issue of psionics. Psionics are certainly a part of the Eberron setting—possibly more so than most other fantasy background. The … Continue reading

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Dragon Hack and the Set 3 Open Playtest Rules

So at last we have some Set 3 rules! Here are my initial thoughts, with a vague slant as to how they  will play in Dragon Hack (and AGE of Eberron). First, a couple of things that all point to … Continue reading

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