True20: Eberron v1.0

When I was putting together the Eberron mod for Green Ronin’s Dragon Age system I came across one of their other systems: True20. Much as I like Dragon Age, it was apparent that it was going to be much easier to convert Eberron to True20, especially as a lot of work had already been done in this area (on the True20 forums and the True20 wiki)!

I’ve tried to compile these ideas, together with some of my own, in this document:  True20 Eberron v1.0. You’ll need the True20 rules, of course, and at least the Eberron Campaign Setting book by WotC.

Finally, although this mod was developed with Eberron in mind, it could quite easily be used to run any D&D style campaign with True20 rules.

More information on True20 can be found at

Hope you like it!

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