AGE: Eberron v0.1

Well finally here is the first version of my mod for playing in the D&D Eberron setting using the AGE rules. There’s still lots to do, but folks may find this useful – even if they’re not using it in that setting.

You can download it from AGE – Eberron v0.1.



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4 Responses to AGE: Eberron v0.1

  1. Will says:

    Wow, great start! Thanks for working on this.

  2. sgtnasty says:

    Excellent, I will be reading it this weekend. Thanks

  3. trukulo says:

    Awesome material 🙂 Really

    Is there a possibility we have a Bestiary too? Even if it’s a small one 😉

  4. Vaelorn says:

    Thanks – glad you like it! I did plan to do a bestiary (just a conversion of the Eberron specific monsters) but it was a lot of work and I wanted to get v0.1 out the door! I’ve done some conversion of the d20 Conan monsters for my AGE of Conan mod, and it can take quite a while… There’s often no direct correspondence between abilities, skills, special/spell-like abilities and so on, so it all has to be recreated from scratch. The Mystara mod has conversions for a number of the standard D&D monsters though, so that might be worth a look.

    When Set 3 comes out I may see what I can do to update this, but lately I’ve been working on mods for one of Green Ronin’s other systems, True20. Converting those monsters is much easier!

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