Background: Karrnath

Right – here’s an Eberron background: Karrnath! As I mentioned in a previous post the way this would work is as follows: if you want to play a Karrnathi and gain the benefits of the Karrnath background then you have to conform to the race and class stereotypes. You could, of course, opt to use the standard dwarf and human backgrounds if desired. And if you wanted to play, say, an elven ranger from Karrnath then you’d have no choice but to use the appropriate elven background. Note that the ability increase and focus choices override that of the normal race background, but not those that might be granted by a racial talent. 

The reason for doing it this way is to allow for stereotypical characters, but not lock anyone out of an unusual combination. The preferred races and classes from the 3.5 Eberron Campaign Guide were used to generate the stereotypes…

The mostly human residents of Karrnath are among the most sophisticated and cultured people of Khorvaire. They played a major part in the Last War and are still reeling from their losses. Karrnath makes extensive use of corporeal undead as soldiers, still marching to the command of Karrnath’s king and generals.

If you choose to play a Karrnathi modify your character as follows:

  • Add 1 to your Strength.
  • Pick one of the following ability focuses:  Strength (Heavy Blades) or Cunning (Military Lore).
  • Choose your race. You can be either a human or a dwarf.
  • Choose your class. You can be a cleric (of the Blood of Vol, or of the Sovereign Host), a fighter, a sorcerer, or a wizard.
  • Roll twice on the Karrnath background table.


2D6 Roll Benefit
2 +1 Constitution
3 – 4 Focus: Cunning (Military Lore)
5 Focus: Communication (Persuasion)
6 Focus: Cunning (Historical Lore)
7 – 8 +1 Strength
9 Focus: Cunning (Arcane Lore)
10 – 11 Focus: Dexterity (Riding)
12 +1 Magic
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