Skills discussion in 4e D&D

Just saw this article on the WOTC D&D page in which Mike Mearls discusses a variant of the D&D skill system. What’s interesting is that it looks a little bit like the AGE talent system! It’s also similar to the Stance Warrior mechanic…

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2 Responses to Skills discussion in 4e D&D

  1. Arimmus says:

    That is because wizards of the coast has come up dry on how to beef up their system. It has decreased in sales as of late, and they need something to compete with the new top dogs, which one of them is the ageless sytem

  2. Vaelorn says:

    Well judging from the other articles Mike Mearls has posted I would say that they’re thinking seriously about 5th edition. Probably not planning a release anytime soon, but definitely thinking about the direction of the rules set. When I first came across 4th edition I was very impressed by the design of the rules as a whole, but lately there is a lot of additional “stuff”. I think there are something like 5000 feats now. Obviously a lot of those are split between races and classes etc, but still!

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